Film and Television Support

Film and Television Support. Oman provides a dramatic backdrop for feature films, cultural and nature programs and ‘reality TV’. Panorama works with you for better results.

  • Oman’s weather, scenery and culture make it an ideal destination for filming. Panorama can support most requirements and Panorama’s knowledge of the country should simplify filming schedules.
  • Exotic in its appeal the desert in Oman offers a vast contrast to that of many ‘western’ countries. Contact Panorama to explore the possibilities.
  • Camel Racing has worldwide appeal, add in a ‘reality’ type program and you have a dynamic program possibility. Panorama will plan with you to offer the best time fit for your budgets.
  • Culturally Oman has much to offer. Here the sumptuous new Royal Opera House is the focus during a film session.
  • Ginny Buckley presents some of the more popular travel programs for English speaking markets. Panorama can schedule a travel program visit in liaison with any sponsoring body.
  • Marta offers a vivacious viewpoint to Portuguese TV viewers. Panorama can research connections between countries to add interest to any filming stop, here they are filming the Portuguese build forts in Muscat