Marriott Hotel Mirbat Salalah

Marriott Hotel Mirbat Salalah. Located on an expansive beach front location on the Arabian Sea the Marriott Hotel offers comfortable accommodation for the leisure visitor to Salalah. Panorama works with you for your clients.

  • The largest pool in the Sultanate of Oman awaits your clients at the Marriott. Beyond it a soft white sandy beach leads to rock pools and beyond the Arabian Sea.
  • White sandy beaches lead to rock pools with fascinating flora and fauna and then beyond the Arabian Sea with options for scuba diving and more.
  • The coastline beyond the Marriot is dramatic and worth exploring. Small villages, deserted beaches and colourful rock formation makes for a fascinating excursion for nature lovers.
  • Located at lobby level the Piano Lounge with its floor to ceiling overlooks the pool and the Arabian Sea beyond. Freshly brewed coffee and wide varieties of delicious pastry are available here.
  • The Salalah Marriott Resort is set in a secluded location on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Located between the soft white sandy beaches and the escarpment of Jebel Samhan. For a slower pace the region of Dhofar is the ideal place for a family holiday, diving trip or relaxing break.
  • Located at the ground floor the Sumhuram Restaurant is the main dining area for the Marriott. It features extensive buffets or a la carte menus in comfortable surroundings. A mix of Omani specialties and international favourites gives good choice for everyone.
  • The spacious guest rooms provide your guests with comfortable, practical rooms for a resort type hotel. Many rooms have balconies and can offer interconnection with another room if your clients travel with children.