Oman from Dubai – 5Days, 4Nights.

  • Watch dawn with the Green Turtles, walk above clouds in Jabel Akhder, overnight at the edge of the world largest sandy desert or overnight in the Wahibah sands surrounding with the golden sands, These guided tours in Oman include transport, accommodation, breakfast , lunch and dinner & entrance charges.
  • These are our Oman tours from Dubai our Abu Dhabi. Book one of these Oman tours from Dubai our Abu Dhabi with us or email your requirements and will replay with tailor made suggestion.
  • This Oman tour from Dubai include lunch, breakfast and dinner they are from and to a Central Muscat location. As Oman does not have a large number of hotels out of Muscat, we hope you will contact us well in advance for all tours.
  • This Oman tour from Dubai can start from Dubai or Abu Dhabi (whither from  UAE Airports, UAE Hotels or Your UAE  front door Accommodation), email your requirements and will replay with tailor made suggestion.


Oman Tours from Dubai -PRIVATE- 5Days, 4Nights.



In this Oman tour from Dubai, will pick you up from your accommodation on the UAE for 5 days trip in Oman

From your accommodation for about 5 hours’ drive for an afternoon visit of Muscat. After breakfast departure to visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, following the coast a visit is made to Sinkhole and one of the steep honey coloured Wadi Tiwi which enter the sea. After lunch in Sur a brief visit to the Dhow Yards is made. From your overnight hotel make a night-time visit to see the Green Turtles lay eggs. In the third day travel to the golden dunes of Omanís Wahiba Sands for an afternoon to walk through the dunes and overnight indesert camp sounding with golden dunes. After breakfast visit a small Bedouin market town in the way to stay in Nizwa. In the final day we visit the Nizwa Fort & Souq and continue to reach your UAE accommodation late afternoon.

Our Tours are PRIVATE – only you and your own guests is what we mean by private. We will meet you at your hotel in Muscat.

Contact us with your requirements and will replay with the full details.

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